“Makey Real Estate Inc., Brokerage – what can I say? Nothing short of a game changer. I was naturally hesitant switching brokerages. Would this brokerage meet the needs of both my clients and me? Would the Broker of Record provide me support, possess superior knowledge and impeccable integrity? Would I obtain support with social media, technology, etc.? Well, I can assure you that moving to Makey Real Estate Inc. has surpassed my expectation on all fronts. I highly recommend Makey Real Estate Inc., Brokerage to any new or seasoned realtor looking for a supportive environment.

I was first attracted to Makey Real Estate Inc. because of the commission split offered. I’m now fully committed to Makey Real Estate Inc. because ofthe commission split and, more importantly, support that I’ve never experienced before.

Call me if you are contemplating a move to Makey Real Estate Inc. I’d be happy to share my experience.”

Mary Ellen Weatherhead