Below are some of our Client Testimonials

By: Tricia

I had the pleasure of working with Nerissa to look for a place as a first time mover to Toronto. She helped made my move enjoyable and always puts my interest at the top of her priority. I love how easy it was to communicate with Nerissa and she was always willing to help out answer any questions I had even to the tiniest detail to ensure everything was smooth sailing and my mind was at peace. I truly appreciate all the time she invested in helping me search for the perfect place I had in mind in a competitive market at which I thought was impossible at first but her encouragement and determination helped me secure my current place that I truly can call home away from home! Once again, thank you ci Nerissa :)

By: Melissa S

Nerissa was amazing to work with! She helped my partner and I find/secure an amazing home. I truly appreciated all of her help and encouragement throughout this process during a competitive market when I had to embark this journey solo due to my partner being out of province. Nerissa did not let me give up hope when I felt overwhelmed and alone! Her determination, attitude and care for her clients is something that makes her incredible to work with. Again, I want to say a big thank you to Nerissa!

By: Shirley Vanderwal

Well, I just sold my condo with no small help from my realtor Mary Ellen Weatherhead. This was my first time as a seller thru a real estate firm as my last was completed privately. Mary Ellen offered her expert advice in the decluttering process, as well as attractively staging my condo. I almost didn’t want to move because it was so beautiful! She even loaned me a bit of her muscle by moving some boxes for me which was so much appreciated! Most importantly she was always ready with her honest advice and worked tirelessly to get the best offer for my home. Her integrity and work ethic are beyond reproach. I would highly recommend Mary Ellen Weatherhead to manage any of your real estate dealings for the future because she is a real pro. Thank you!

By: Jody and Jennifer Timpany

Our experience with Mary Ellen as our realtor and her team was nothing but positive! Her trust in clients, passion for her job, and not to mention her work ethic is beyond impressive! Her knowledge for the market and attention to detail exceeded our expectations. She loved our house like we loved our house. We have been on research duty for at least a year and a half for the perfect home in the East Coast and when we decided to put the house up for sale we knew she was the one for the job. Our house is unique from others due to the solar panels on the roof and so it comes with a lot of unknowns for potential buyers but Mary Ellen took that challenge and presented it with all the important details necessary. She continually kept us up to date on the market and answered the MANY questions Jody had! A shout out to her husband Bill as well for his contributions. We want to thank you and hope to see you for a visit in the East Coast sometime!!

By: Cathy and Frank Kozuch

We just want to give a big shout out to our Realtor, Mary Ellen, for all her help and understanding during this stressful, emotional process of selling our home. Mary Ellen and her team did such a great job with all their hard work, and it showed us just how much we still really love our home, that we decided we still LOVED IT and NOT SELL at this time!! Her understanding, empathy, and caring will always be appreciated and remembered for years to come. Mary Ellen was able to deliver on her promised target price, but we were still too emotionally attached to our home to proceed. She did such an amazing job, always giving advise and communicating step by step, even answering inquiries at 4am. We were impressed right from the start. Her work ethic, professionalism and knowledge of the market, exceeded all our expectations. We want to say thank you so much for the help and understanding during this process.

By: Lydia & Doug Ridsdale

We were so grateful to have a Mary Ellen as our Real Estate Agent! We found her innovative and flexible approach to real estate very refreshing and felt confident in her ability to guide us in the sale of our home. Mary Ellen’s natural enthusiasm helped carry us through the quick sale of our home in 6 days! We loved Mary Ellen’s Whitty, humorous personality and were quickly able to build a trusting, friendly, and pleasant relationship. We always felt up to date with information, appreciating all her advice. Mary Ellen LOVES what she does, and this comes across through her genuine care and friendliness. Mary Ellen didn’t forget about the little things and was a great cat sitter during our open house! Mary Ellen has great people surrounding her, including Symone who staged, pre home inspector, photographer/videographer, and her husband who ensured the relentless high winds didn’t blow our sign away! Mary Ellen was able to promptly meet our needs including coordinating a quick listing, staging, and delivered her targeted sale price. We were happy to get a close date that coordinated with our new adventure and big move to British Columbia. We plan to use Mary Ellen’s professional services in the sale of our local rental property later this year and have trust in her to coordinate with us from a distance!

By: Roman Pawlyshyn

We were so fortunate to have found Mary Ellen when selling my father’s home. What a contrast to other realtors I’ve dealt with! We found her to be enthusiastic, caring, pragmatic, generous, knowledgable, tech-savvy, scrupulous, responsive, and seemingly tireless — always willing to go an extra mile. Her sage advice made a huge impact on the eventual sale. When it came to how to market the home my father lived in for 66 years, she was respectful, yet realistic. We were doing it from out of town, but Mary Ellen made the process nearly painless, taking care of so many issues for us, from the big things (including some heavy lifting!) to the tiniest details. I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to recommend her to anyone needing a realtor. In fact, I’d shout it from the rooftop: Mary Ellen's one of the best in the business.

By: Ben & Chantale LeClair

We want to say a huge thank you to Mary Ellen Weatherhead for ensuring us that someone else will fall in love with our home as much as we do! She has truly been an amazing realtor, extremely professional, always answering my millions of questions, empathetic to my heart throughout this process. She has went over and above, painting the inside of my house to freshen it up, staging it to make it look adorable, giving us a storage unit to aid with all our boxes, offering help whenever and wherever she can. When she says she will sell your house, be ready you are on one hell of a ride for a week *if it lasts that long* ?? So again thank you, you have made us one step closer to catching our dream!! (Ps. If you are interested in listing your home, or finding a new home please look her up! You won't be sorry!!)

By: Allan & Shannon, Woodstock, ON

When we first started our home selling journey we reached out to Mary Ellen and she seemed to understand where we were in life and what we needed out of the sale of our home. She went WAY above and beyond what was required to sell a house with recommendations for painting and drywalling, storage and staging as well as landscaping solutions. These were just a few things she does for her clients. Selling a home is such a stressful time and Mary Ellen kept us on track with everything we needed to accomplish in order to get the house on the market. Let me tell you we are over the moon with the results! Without Mary Ellen’s knowledge of the market we know we wouldn’t have had such amazing results! A million thank you’s Mary Ellen!" Highest of recommendations for anyone looking to navigate the Real Estate market!

By: Lynn Freeland, Woodstock, Ontario

Some months back I lost my best friend to cancer and found myself as the executrix for her estate. With that responsibility came the inevitable requirement to sell her house and property. While I was prepared to accept this challenge, nothing had prepared me for the changes over the passage of time since I had last tackled the actual sale of a house, nor did the restrictions of COVID19 and its variants make the situation any easier. My personal experience in and with sales had left a very bitter and sceptical taste for the process. My friend, though, had described a good and honest person who had become a friend through shared experiences. I made the call. It was a moment of supportive calm I shall never forget. Enter Mary Ellen Weatherhead of Makey Real Estate. There was no rush to a sales position but rather the encouragement to focus on the immediate details of death and grieving. It was unexpected in the current real estate market and rush to business and a great relief to have time when everyone everywhere else was in a hurry to move things along. I was able to maintain balance and focus on one thing at a time. After the funeral Mary Ellen pointed out a one thing at a time list for preparing the house for sale – contents first. The interior update was next – wallpaper stripping, carpet removal, painting, cleaning, light fixture updates, carpet replacement and curb appeal landscaping. Mary Ellen made suggestions, participated and supervised every step of the way. Her unerring attention to detail was exemplary. Though I was aware of her many commitments to other clients, it always felt as if my friend’s property was the #1 priority on her list. It was a unique experience for me in the sales market. From the initial listing throughout the entire sales process, I felt comfortable, well-informed, secure and supported. It was a procedure that spoke to treating others as you wish to be treated, so uncommon these days, yet so devoutly to be wished. I even received suggestions regarding amounts to set aside for final taxes. Mary Ellen has my undying gratitude, support and every wish for the well-deserved continuation of her business success as long as she wishes to participate in real estate. No one in my 70+ years of experience deserves it more.

By: Rob & Erin Rogers

The first time we called Mary Ellen we were nervous, this was a big step for us, a dream we had been chasing for some time. We organized a meeting to discuss selling our house and met a short time later. Mary Ellen clicked with our family within minutes, it was like she’d known us for years, conversation was easy and she was extremely knowledgeable in all things realestate. We talked about the market trends and other properties like ours. She informed us on what to expect and and how the selling process works. We talked staging and landscaping and all the particulars involved in selling your home. We joked and laughed and she somehow made an stressful time joyful. Mary Ellen was always prompt and courteous, knowledgeable and professional, whenever we posed questions she always had answers for us. I’m recommending Mary Ellen to all my friends and family and to anyone I know looking to sell their family home, she was fantastic and a wonderful person to be around! Mary Ellen in the end made a huge impression on our little family and we will miss her dearly.

By: Christine Manning

I am so glad that I took the advice of a relative in seeking out Mary Ellen as a realtor! Mary Ellen is extremely competent and professional. She is highly knowledgeable in her field and willingly gave me sound advice on how to sell my property at its best. Most important of all is that Mary Ellen is an individual of integrity who truly cares about her clients. Here are the highlights of Mary Ellen’s hard work and dedication to sell my property. - Provided services for things such as painting and gardening. - Provided a storage unit. - Helped move and transport boxes to storage unit. - Staged house. - Provided excellent photography service. - Stayed in regular communication with me throughout the whole process. Moving is always a stressful time but Mary Ellen’s kind, approachable and unflappable manner definitely made a difference in my experience. I highly recommend her as a realtor!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Mary Ellen, for going above and beyond all expectations. It was a pleasure to work with you.

By: Cheryl & Earl Lemke

We have just sold our home with Mary Ellen Weatherhead, Makey Real Estate Inc. Brokerage. Greeting Mary Ellen at our front door she instantly became like family with her friendly smile and knowledge of the real estate business. From coming in with her crew painting and staging our home and putting all the final touches in place our home sold in a few short days. I have never had a realtor offer the services that she offered. Mary Ellen is truly one of a kind, not only as a realtor but as a kind caring woman. She will have only you in mind when you list your home with her. Be sure to enlist her as your next real estate salesperson. As her slogan says “The Weather You Can Trust”. A special thank you to her lead painter/designer, Neta Wilkinson

By: Carmen & Constatin

As many know, selling your home is a stressful process. The stress level we had anticipated we were going to go through was brought way down by Marry Ellen’s attitude, kindness, friendliness and desire to really help. When we decided to sell our home we were very apprehensive with the prospect of getting the wrong realtor. After we had talked to two realtors, although very professional, we were not sure they were right for us. By chance, we had decided to call Mary Ellen and asked her to come and see our home (we had already done the same with the previous two realtors) and, to discuss with her our options and selling strategies. While giving her a tour of our home, Mary Ellen was quietly making mental notes of all the features of the home and how they should be presented to potential buyers. When the tour was over she sat down with us and once she started explaining how she intends to present our home and what her strategy would be, we knew that with Mary Ellen we had made the right choice. Starting with her ideas for timing on the market, agreement negotiation, commission and ending with the online media presentation and home staging, everything seemed to come together and everything just simply made sense. Mary Ellen exceeded all our expectations in the selling process of our home, she went over and above her responsibilities and saved us thousands of dollars. She works with a team of professionals and it shows in how your home will be presented on the market. She is a professional that adds to her portfolio honesty and kindness attributes that are rare to find. Communication between you and your realtor is very important and with Mary Ellen you will understand the dynamic of the market at the time of your listing. We could not be happier with the result of our collaboration with Mary Ellen and we strongly recommend her to everyone that is looking for a fantastic realtor. Although we had sold our home, which we really loved and where we had made so many beautiful and loving memories, we are very happy we chose Mary Ellen to help us through. Thank you Mary Ellen for everything you have done for us!

By: Martin & Renee Johnson

MaryEllen is a professional and proficient RealEstate agent. She understands the Realestate market and provided us with sound advice for preparing our investment property to list and to show its wonderful potential and to sell it for top dollar! A pleasure to work with!

By: Mark & Marilyn Evans

My wife and I chose Mary Ellen Weatherhead from Makey Real Estate, to sell our home so we could make our move to Alberta. From the first meeting with Mary Ellen, we could see that she was very knowledgable about the market in our area, had the drive to get us a fair offer for our home, and went out of her way to ensure that our house was in sale condition. You can tell that Mary Ellen loves what she does and genuinely care about her clients and their home. Every step of the way, Mary Ellen was there to answer questions, offer advice, and make us feel at ease, during what can be a stressful time in the house selling process. She communicated with us daily to make sure we were aware of the status of our listing. If you are thinking of listing your house, talk to Mary Ellen Weatherhead and feel confident that you will have a hard working realtor that will go above and beyond to find you a potential buyer for your home.

By: Bob Jean-Louis & Gloria Pickering

We were extremely satisfied with all of our interactions with Mary Ellen. She has a lot of patience and the ability to explain the selling process in a way that makes sense. She offered valuable input when we asked questions and the professionalism that she conducts her business is without exception. The biggest plus was Mary Ellen’s integrity and willingness to go above and beyond with us. We definitely would recommend Mary Ellen to anyone looking for an agent who will exceed their expectations.

By: Leanne Baird

Thank you Mary Ellen for your professionalism and support with selling my home. You made the whole process seamless especially during a Pandemic lockdown! From our initial visit, you had a plan in place. Your assistance in staging and marketing my home paid off and my house sold successfully in less than 3 weeks at the best market price. I would highly recommend Mary Ellen as your Realtor – she will not disappoint!

By: Lukas & Jennifer Jongeneelen

Mary Ellen is an absolute dream to work with! We were nervous entering the market during such a busy time (and with a baby on the way!), and Mary Ellen made it such an enjoyable process. We had no idea what kind of a market we were getting ourselves into. Finding a house turned out to be a longer process than we originally thought, but Mary Ellen kept us laughing and our hopes high that we would find out perfect home (and was she ever right!!). You can tell right away that Mary Ellen has a passion for what she does, and she goes above and beyond. Mary Ellen staged our house beautifully before pictures and walk throughs began. Throughout the entire process we felt safe and taken care of by Mary Ellen. We trusted her and often asked for her opinion on what she thought a house was going to sell for, and if it was worth it. I couldn’t imagine going through this process with anyone else! We are so happy that Mary Ellen helped us find our forever home to raise our family in.

By: Mark & Kelly Gale

As we all know, moving is a highly stressful time in our lives and Mary Ellen helped us through it every step of the way. Her willingness to go above and beyond will never be forgotten. Not only did Mary Ellen provide us with a storage unit and U-Haul for our use, but she also staged our home beautifully to appeal to today’s market. She consulted us as a family and made sure that we were comfortable with any suggestions she had for improving the value of our home. She explained her reasoning and let us have the final say in choosing Plan A, B or C. We still felt like a huge part of the process entrusting our home to Mary Ellen and her expertise 100%. We understood we had to leave our emotional connection to our home “at the door” and let the professionals do what they do best. This meant Mary Ellen was able to sell our home to the right person, for the right price at the right time! (Only 8 days on the market!) Now we can move on to the next exciting chapter in our lives and a young and growing family will occupy this home and we couldn’t be happier ??

By: Linda Tyler & Mike Fitzmorris

Mary Ellen provides excellent service, along with going way beyond what is required to help sell your home. She provided painting, staging and use of a storage locker for three months in assisting us. A dedicated hard working individual who really cares about her clients, who will go that extra mile for you. We sold our home above list! In this crazy market we were able to purchase a home on the first attempt to offer and we were happy with the price we paid. We would not hesitate to recommend Mary Ellen Weatherhead to all our friends and family. Highly recommended!

By: Caroline Walsh

It was such a pleasure to work with Mary Ellen Weatherhead, Makey Real Estate Inc. Buying from out of town, she really made the drive well worth it. Mary Ellen is informative, professional and very organized. Her pleasant personality made the whole buying process smooth and fun. With her awesome expertise, we were able to find the perfect home within one day!! We even received a rebate on commission! I highly recommend Mary Ellen to anyone looking to buy or sell. Thanks for the outstanding service!

By: Edwin Gilberto Giraldo Henao

I have just arrived in Canada and I lack a lot of experience and Canadian records that allow me to open doors with banks and in this case with real estate companies that allow me to rent a comfortable house or apartment that meets the conditions to host a family of 4 members, thank God we found the service of Nesar Ahmed who helped us find a home with these characteristics, he also has a great gift of service, has a vocation of service. We will always be grateful for the support received from Nesar and blessed will they be what they can count on in the future with this support from Nesar. Thank you Nesar and congratulations on the quality of your work.

By: JJ Stansfield

After close to 15 years of relying on Mary Ellen for my taxes and other business matters, I was positive she’d be just as diligent in real estate ! After 25 years of being a landlord it was time to sell and it was pleasure to place that sale in her hands. I cannot say how out the park she hit the ball for me. Not only did she stage my somewhat dated duplex, she had some extra painting done, added high-end linens and even brought it many of her own personal items to really show the potential to the over 25 viewings! She only once mentioned the amount of behind the scenes work she put into the sale answering over 75+ inquires online. On a personal note, Mary Ellen is very pleasant to deal with... and she smiles. A lot. Lol. Several times I texted her at somewhat odd times and she always got right back to me with an answer. After one week on the market, under her command and expertise, I had several offers above asking price. Her negotiating skills were a huge asset, gaining a price that I never would have thought possible... and that’s a pretty amazing feeling !! I cannot say how pleased and grateful I am for Mary Ellen’s knowledge, experience and ease of salesmanship... all for 1.5% commission ! I highly recommend her for all of your tax needs and all real estate inquiries. Extremely happy client here!!

By: Jennifer Tyrrell

When Mary Ellen came to give me an idea of what I could sell my home for I knew I had found someone I could trust to take care of the sale of the home I had lived in for 32 years. She was extremely professional and competent but with the compassion that helped me navigate the emotional turmoil that came with putting my house on the market. She went above and beyond what most realtors do. She arranged for a dumpster, rented a storage unit, purchased paint, and arranged for inspections that would cover any possible delays in the sale. She had a vision of what the house could look like at its best and made simple suggestions that would enhance the flow of each room. She helped pack and rented the truck to transport everything to the storage unit. Mary Ellen along with her very talented stager brought all the items needed to show my home in the best possible light and staged it beautifully. She then worked with me to arrange showings around my work schedules. Mary Ellen worked tirelessly to set up appointments for the showings and answered all my questions with patience and understanding. When it came time to sit down and go over the offers ( there were multiple) Mary Ellen did not do anything to influence my decision but allowed me to ask the questions that I needed answered for my own peace of mind so I would make the right decision. Mary Ellen does all of this for a listing commission rate of 1.5%. I would highly recommend Mary Ellen to anyone who is considering selling their home. She’s a very rare find and I now consider her not just my real estate agent but also a friend. Thank you Mary Ellen for all you have done for me. Jennifer Tyrrell

By: Pat, Woodstock

Mary Ellen is not only a top notch realtor, she is one of the nicest people I have ever met. She truly cares for her clients, is always available to answer questions and concerns. In preparing the house for the market there is no detail too small for her attention. She is a hard working and honest person, and I felt very comfortable leaving everything in her capable hands. I would strongly recommend her if you are ever in need of a realtor.

By: Ava, Mia and Denise, Woodstock

My girls and I are so grateful for having Mary Ellen work with us to find a home. Mary Ellen is attentive to detail and left no stone unturned in our search for a home. She tailored our search to exactly what my family needed and anticipated other details in a home we would want. She is a very caring individual and made my family a priority. She was very efficient and was on the ball when it came to viewing listings that would suit our needs. You will not be disappointed working with Mary Ellen. She runs her business with integrity and puts her clients first.

By: Samantha Foster, Tillsonburg

Our experience with Mary Ellen was absolutely fabulous. I have known her for all of my life and when it came time to look for a house she was the obvious choice for a realtor. I recently moved back to Woodstock after years living on the East Coast. I couldn’t believe the cost to buy a home and the competition involved. Mary Ellen was patient, present and always listened to understand. Her expertise assured me that obtaining a home in such a market as this, was going to be achievable. She always made herself available regardless of the time of day. She was quick to secure us viewing on homes we were interested in, and always advised usfrom a logical perspective. Rather than trying to push us towards a home, she took the time to ensure we found the right home for us, that would fit our long term goals. I am grateful to have had her by our side throughout one of the biggest milestones in life. We would absolutely, without hesitation, recommend Mary Ellen.

By: Jeff Dickson, Woodstock

The Good, actually “The Excellent”! Mary Ellen is a true professional who holds her CPA/CGA, Dipl. M.A., CMRP, and Mortgage Agent License. This is in addition to Mary Ellen’s RECO Real Estate Sales Person Certification. Coming from a professional background and having to deal with government regulated rules and regulations, Mary Ellen brings her master negotiating skills to the forefront when working with clients on real estate transactions. Mary Ellen truly cares about her clients, their families and their beloved pets. This professional upbringing demands a very strong degree of ethic’s which Mary Ellen carries over to her real estate dealings. On a personal level, when I first met with Mary Ellen, we discussed the strategy of selling my home. The plan of preparing the home with cleaning up, painting, staging, prelisting home inspection, and photos with video and droning – all services coordinated through Mary Ellen. She was very open, forthright and caring. Mary Ellen even went so far as to come to my home to pick up Isla (Border Terrier dog) and take Isla back to her place to babysit while other agents were showing my home! The Bad, actually “Still the Excellent” Mary Ellen is on the forefront or leading edge of the way real estate transactions are trending with brokers and sales individuals. Mary Ellen’s business plan and model have been developed with present day thinking and concepts. This is the way real estate transactions should be carried on in the present. Mary Ellen’s plan offers an immensely competitive alternative choice to traditional 4-6% commission plans. The Ugly, actually “The Really Ugly” Unfortunately, there is absolutely nothing ugly I can say. The Summary Mary Ellen will provide you with the best, most honest and caring experience you could possibly have when you buy or sell a home. Isla (my Border Terrier) fell in love with Mary Ellen. I am truly grateful to Mary Ellen for getting me through the sale of my home with her plan! Best Regards, happy house hunting or selling.

By: Steven & Rosemary Malott, Woodstock

"What can I say about Mary Ellen that probably hasn't been said already a thousand times over. Amazing is the first word that comes to mind. From her professionalism in how she treats her customers and clients to her kind and caring personality, Mary Ellen did her best providing us with her knowledge and enthusiasm. She not only met but exceeded our expectations when it came time to sell our home. Mary Ellen goes over and above any other real estate agent I have met to help her clients get the most selling value. The extras she includes - such as helping with the cost of painting, pre-home inspection, storage to declutter, staging - doesn't even come close to the effort she puts forth into building the relationship with her clients. We still can't believe the amazing job she did. We kept joking with her to "she me the money" and guess what.... she did that and more. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

By: Charlene and Mike Gebauer, Ingersoll

We purchased a home and sold ours in 1.5 weeks, thanks to Mary Ellen Weatherhead. The assistance and support of Mary Ellen Weatherhead has been amazing!! Mary Ellen is an accountant and has her mortgage license and real estate license. Her knowledge and expertise, her explanation of everything, were all invaluable as we ventured forth on our adventure of purchasing a home and selling ours. We cannot thank you enough Mary Ellen! Your expertise, support, kindness, and patience was so appreciated! We highly recommend you to anyone wanting to sell or purchase real estate. You are an amazing person Mary Ellen, and one I want to have as a friend. I hope we can remain friends for many years. Blessings to you and your family. You have been such a port in the storm for us. With such gratitude, Charlene and Mike Gebauer

By: Kenneth Boudreau, Woodstock

I am so happy that Mary Ellen made the experience of selling my home an easy seamless process. The staging and preparing she took upon herself to make my home look fabulous was greatly appreciated. She was available for all my questions and concerns which made the transaction so much easier. Happy with her professionalism and I would highly recommend Mary Ellen as your real estate agent for a positive experience.

By: Benjamin & Miranda, Woodstock

“We are both first-time sellers. Mary Ellen was fantastic at outlining the process, offered realistic assessments of the market and of both houses. She went through with clarity of all the potential fees, obstacles and expectations. That is when we knew we had the right person for the job, that the sale of the house would be smooth, efficient, and successful with Mary Ellen. And it certainly was. Mary Ellen brought to our homes; Honesty, experience, professionalism, knowledge, kindness, and diligence. Whenever we had a question, Mary Ellen was readily accessible and willing to talk, offering many valuable suggestions. She went out of her way to be helpful. She was quite flexible and willing to work around our tight schedule, too, which made things so much easier for us. Our house sold with an amazing offer all because she was on top of the pre-building inspection, staging, appropriate listing information, photos and videography. The number of showings we had in 9 days exceeded expectation, over 50. The entire time it was a real pleasure to work with Mary Ellen. We would strongly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a truly outstanding real estate agent."

By: Louise Claros

I would like to thank Mary Ellen for helping me with the sale my house. I chose Mary Ellen as my real estate agent because I knew her to be very trustworthy, organized and very hard working. Mary Ellen was keen to show a good working relationship with me and always had my best interest at heart. Mary Ellen went out of her way to take great care of my house and with her dedicated team of stager, photographer and videographer showcased my house in a manner that very successfully highlighted its features. Mary Ellen is very conscientious and detail oriented. I really appreciated her ongoing feedback and expertise in the area of housing market. She kept me informed of showings and prospective buyers and went above and beyond her call as she helped me with my move when I was out of town. Mary Ellen is the person you can count on! I highly recommend Mary Ellen as your real estate agent! Mary Ellen is a very honest, kind and punctual person. You will not be disappointed!

By: Tracey Jackson

My experience with Mary Ellen was nothing short of spectacular! I have, over the years, dealt with a number of real estate agents, and I can honestly say that Mary Ellen’s care and expertise were on a level I have never experienced. 10+++++++!!!!! Mary Ellen listed my mother’s house, who is in care, and within a week it sold over asking price. More than just that… I live out of town, and Mary Ellen and her husband were amazing in their assistance for every step, including little fixes in the house! Outstanding, absolutely exceptional attention to every detail. I know that people often wonder if testimonials are accurate, so I will stand behind these words and tell you, ask Mary Ellen for my number if you want to hear it straight from me!

By: Brenda & Kevin

It is difficult not to use buzz words when describing Mary Ellen, and as a realtor selling our home. Mary Ellen is a friendly, courteous, and kind person who actually cares about her clients, and is very aware of the emotional roller coaster that sellers, and buyers experience. Mary Ellen worked hard to help us prepare our home for sale. She worked alongside her professional stager, photographer, and videographer to ensure that our home stood out. She appropriately valued our home and kept us completely in the loop regarding market conditions, prospective buyers, and details of showings. Mary Ellen worked tirelessly in the final stages of the sale, and handled the proverbial challenges of waivers and amendments well. Mary Ellen is the only realtor we would ever use again, and certainly gets our highest recommendation. Ask Mary Ellen for our Contact information. We would be pleased to speak with anyone considering Mary Ellen as their realtor. Brenda & Kevin

By: Jamal Mohideen, St Catharines, Ontario

"Buying a home in Canada was a dream with my financial constraints. Brother Nesar gave me the right directions and kept updating with the market state, which triggered me to take a decision and act on the right time. He helped me to view the properties in various places (Welland, St Catherines, Hamilton and Brantford) and offered a good insight about each property that I am interested, Thank God, I am able to buy the house. Without the limits, he offered the additional help for other services for my home. I wish him all the best and be a very successive realtor for Canada"

By: Salwa Elsaigh, Waterloo, Ontario

After struggling finding a suitable apartment for many months in a different city without a mode of transportation, it was a blessing crossing paths with Nesar Ahmed. It had become crunch time as our current lease was ending, Mr. Ahmed worked quickly, and efficiently finding us multiple, more then suitable rental options. He was a pleasure to work with throughout, always reliable and ready to answer questions and take action where needed. I would definitely use his services again as well as would recommend him to anyone looking for excellent services. Salwa Elsaigh

By: Javier Posada, Kitchener, Ontario

After a few months of searching for an apartment, for me it was a blessing from the Almighty. I received an unexpected call from a real estate agent named Nesar Ahmed. He offered me his services to find a rental apartment and thanks to his dynamism, energy and gift of service I was able to visit around 15 properties, all in excellent condition and high standards of habitability. Since he contacted me, he has been there providing solutions to my needs. His hard work, kindness and dedication allowed me to find a beautiful place to live comfortably with my wife and two children. God bless Nesar for his excellent gift of service and caring with which he does his work. Congratulations and big thanks to Nesar.

By: Mary Ellen Weatherhead

Makey Real Estate Inc., Brokerage – what can I say? Nothing short of a game changer. I was naturally hesitant switching brokerages. Would this brokerage meet the needs of both my clients and me? Would the Broker of Record provide me support, possess superior knowledge and impeccable integrity? Would I obtain support with social media, technology, etc.? Well, I can assure you that moving to Makey Real Estate Inc. has surpassed my expectation on all fronts. I highly recommend Makey Real Estate Inc., Brokerage to any new or seasoned realtor looking for a supportive environment. I was first attracted to Makey Real Estate Inc. because of the commission split offered. I’m now fully committed to Makey Real Estate Inc. because ofthe commission split and, more importantly, support that I’ve never experienced before. Call me if you are contemplating a move to Makey Real Estate Inc. I’d be happy to share my experience.